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  1. Introduction

The below notes aim to define the General Sales Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”), intending to regulate purchases made on the website www.gustoumbro.com, in accordance with the legislative decree 206/2005 and any subsequent amendments and integrations (hereinafter called as the “Consumer Code”). The website’s owner and the products’ seller is Gustoumbro Sole Proprietorship, with the office registered at Fraz. S.Silvestro 11 – 06049 Spoleto (PG), VAT/Tax ID and registration number in the business register n… (referred to as “Gustoumbro”).

The sale of products to the consumer (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) takes place through the Gusto Umbro website at http://www.gustoumbro.com and is governed by these conditions.

Before making a purchase, the customer is required to comprehensively review the Terms and Conditions available on the website and within a link present in the order confirmation email.

Suppose the individual making purchases on the website is not a “consumer/user” according to Article 3, paragraph 1, letter a. In that case, they will not be eligible for the right of withdrawal as mentioned in Terms and Conditions’ point 4. They will also not be entitled to the benefits offered by the Consumer Code since these provisions are only applicable to consumers/users.

  1. Product Selection and Purchase

Every product has a web page that enlists its key features and rates.

After following instructions, the customer is required to register and add the desired products to the virtual cart to complete a purchase.

The customer must submit shipping information, prospective billing information, pick the preferred method of payment, and complete the order after verifying that they agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

The consumer acknowledges that they have reviewed and consented to Gusto Umbro’s stated Sales Terms and Conditions by placing orders on the company’s website, www.gustoumbro.com. The website includes the necessary sales conditions, and the buyer is informed of them in an order summary email delivered at the time of the order. The deal will not go ahead if the consumer refuses any one of the Gusto Umbro conditions. The order is considered to be completed once it has been acknowledged by Gusto Umbro, who is going to send the customer a confirmation email containing the current Terms and Conditions, an order number, an overview of the products they have bought, feasible shipping and billing information, and the total cost of their order, such as shipping costs. After thoroughly reviewing the email, the consumer has 12 hours to reach Gusto Umbro customer support if they notice any discrepancies in the order summary. After this time frame, the order will be processed and no more modifications will be allowed after this time frame.

  1. After receiving an order, Gusto Umbro will confirm the product’s availability. Client Service will inform the client immediately as any of the products are unavailable. The client will have 12 hours to respond and request the shipping of the other products that are still available or cancel the purchase. The order will be filled with the items that are currently available and posted to the client if no answer is received within this time period. In such a case, the client can choose to receive a refund of the correct amount or, considering the previously chosen payment option, no fees will be incurred.


  1. Product Characteristics

The website offers detailed information for every product, including photos, descriptions, and product codes.

Images are solely intended to depict the product for sale. Since these images are taken directly from the products meant for sale, there might be slight differences in color and size. In such cases, you must consider the product description to be valid.

  1. Prices

The products’ prices mentioned on the website include taxes and fees. The prices are offered in Euros.

  1. Order Cancellation

The customer can seek order cancellation without any cost only and exclusively before the product has been shipped through an email at: info@gustoumbro.com. The customer must provide the order number they intend to cancel, and their username, along with the phrase “order cancellation not yet shipped.”

  1. Right of Withdrawal

According to Legislative Decree 206/2005, Withdrawal rights will be excluded in these cases:

  • Purchase of any customized products;
  • Purchase of perishable products or items that could quickly change;
  • Purchase of sealed products not suitable for return due to hygiene or health protection reasons or if they have been opened after delivery.

To facilitate customers, Gusto Umbro extends the Withdrawal right, and offers customers a full refund, including any shipping charges, within 14 days if the purchased product displays obvious alteration signs that may negatively affect the customer’s health. The refund will be processed via a similar payment method opted for by the customer at the time of placing order unless explicitly specified. If a refund is requested via bank transfer or COD (cash on delivery), the customer needs to provide us with all essential details (account holder, bank name and address, IBAN) so that refund can be processed.

The conditions subjecting the Right of Withdrawal offered by Gusto Umbro are as follows:

  • Product integrity. If the product is being returned in several parts or has been partially used, the Withdrawal right could not be exercised, not even for a part of the purchased item;
  • Original packaging. To avail free return, Products need to be returned in the similar packaging they were delivered to you.
  • Communicate about the product’s condition within 12 hours of receiving it and support your concerns by sending clear photographs.
  • The customer must send the product(s) within 3 (Three) days from the agreed-upon date with Gusto Umbro for the return to the courier.

Make sure to return the product to the following address:

Gusto Umbro Fraz. S.Silvestro n.11 06049 Spoleto (PG)

The Withdrawal right is not applicable to individuals not referred to as “consumer/user,” as mentioned in Article 3, paragraph 1, letter a, and/or to customers who need an invoice.

For the cases that do not fall under the Right of Withdrawal, Gusto Umbro would accept the return of the purchased products only if the customer bears the shipping costs.

  1. Warranty and Non-Conformity Defects

If any Non-Conformity Defects are observed in products from Gusto Umbro, the customer should contact Customer Service at info@gustoumbro.com.

Product transactions comply with the legal warranties offered by Articles 129, 130, and 132 of the Consumer Code. The customer can choose to either return or repair the product without bearing additional costs, in case the product’s features permit it. The customer can also choose a suitable price discount or go with the sales contract’s termination. The customer can not claim if they have not communicated any non-conformity defect within two months of finding it. However, if the product is perishable or offers a shorter expiration date, it’s essential to communicate within that period.

  1. Errors and Limitations of Liability

All product information is regularly updated on the website; however, please note absolute error-free status cannot be guaranteed.