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The Preserved Truffles by GustoUmbro are ready to be added to your favorite dish. Experience them now!
Thanks to a particular preservation technique, we can offer you the best flavor of each truffle intact.
All Preserved Truffle products are ready for consumption without any specific preservation measures, unlike Fresh Truffles.
Here you will find excellent Summer Truffle Slices for Carpaccio, as well as exquisite White and Black Truffles from Norcia.
Products that you can add to pasta, meat, and many other dishes!
If you prefer grating truffle, then we recommend our Whole Truffles in jars. In this case too, you can choose your favorite tuber.
Particularly delicious are the White and Black Truffle Butter, with which you can prepare fantastic Tagliatelle.
Lastly, along with other specialties, we recommend our 10% Truffle Sauce with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Porcini Mushrooms, simply something extraordinary!

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