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Senese Pork

Enjoy the succulent flavor of Cinta Senese pork. We have carefully selected the finest artisanal products to bring you honest and delightful flavors, just as true tradition dictates.
Try the Bone-In Prosciutto Thigh; it will captivate you immediately. And how could you resist experiencing the indescribable savoriness of the Seasoned Shoulder? It’s a unique gastronomic experience.
Also highly appreciated for their flavor are the Fatty Loin and the Capocollo.
Guanciale is perhaps the most beloved product for its immense flavor and versatility in the kitchen.
We’ve also selected Cinta Senese Salami and Sausages for you to enjoy thoroughly with their flavor.
Lastly, there’s the Soft Cinta Senese Salami, an exclusive of ours that is an absolute must-try.

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