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The hams of GustoUmbro are chosen on the basis of quality, the criterion of excellence is essential to be part of this showcase.

In our online shop you can find the delicious Prosciutto di Norcia P.G.I. with bone or without, for a culinary experience that is more unique than rare.
Particularly popular with our customers are also the vacuum-packed slices of ham, excellent for everyday family situations.
Their processing is a secret that no butcher will be willing to reveal to you.
If, you are passionate about stronger flavours, you cannot miss the Seasoned Shoulder which for many represents the ham of connoisseurs.
The Spalla di Suino with its rusticity and strong flavour contains those authentic flavours that characterise the territory.
The real gem of our offer due to its rarity is the Cinta Senese, in fact its hams and shoulders wink at the most demanding palates.
Whatever your palate, let yourself be tempted by our offer!

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