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The Charcuterie of GustoUmbro offers pork products at the best quality/price ratio.
The delicacies in our store include the tasty Norcia PGI ham with its excellent flavour as well as the Seasoned Pork Shoulder.
The route of flavours takes us towards the extraordinary Italian salami, and in particular the Casereccio and Corallina salami.
The high quality of the raw material brings out the full flavour of the Salami and Liver Sausages, and speaking of Sausages, how can you not try the Pork and Wild Boar ones?
It would be a shame not to be tempted by the goodness of the Capocollo and Lonzino, products that delight the palate.
Are you a lover of carbonara and amatriciana? Then try the full flavour of our Guanciale.
In the end, our offer also includes the succulent Cinta Senese, known for the high quality of its fat and the exceptional flavour of its meat.

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